Quick and healthy lunches to eat on the go

While most of us would love to have long working lunches that allow us to relax and take our time over our food, the reality is often very different.

Scoffing down a sandwich at your desk or guzzling down a coffee between meetings is an all too common occurrence that can lead to problems with indigestion or heartburn.

Thankfully, there are plenty of lunch ideas to help avoid indigestion that are both healthy and perfect for a life on-the-go…


One of the main things to avoid in order to maintain a healthy diet is fatty, greasy foods. So when you think ‘fast food’, don’t nip down to your local takeaway because the chances are it will be fried and heavy on your stomach.

Why not try a whole-wheat tortilla stuffed with chicken, bacon, low-fat mayonnaise and salad? This tasty alternative to fast-food is super quick and easy to prepare – you could even do it the night before.

A good tip is to grill your bacon instead of frying it, you reduce the fat content massively which can help prevent indigestion. Also, keep your chicken as dry as possible during the cooking process as any oils and fat can be a common factor in indigestion. You can also add avocado too for that daily ‘super food’ fix.


For the vegetarians amongst us, why not try making a quinoa, beetroot and feta salad. This delicious combination is easy to prepare and is a good source of protein and fibre. Quinoa is much lighter than rice and easier to cook.

Simply put one cup of rinsed quinoa to two cups of salted water in a saucepan and bring to boil, then leave it to simmer on a low heat until tender.

It is a perfect lunchtime snack that won’t leave you too full and should help prevent indigestion by being light and reasonably low in acid content – the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when you’re stuck at your desk.


A little more preparation is needed for this one, but as a healthy dish with infinite possibilities, it would be perfect as a reheated meal for those with a busy week schedule.

Pretty much any vegetable you can grow in your garden would be great in this meal – from carrots to courgettes. Adding turkey and small amounts of bacon would also complement it.

Simply fry your vegetables and add in your freshly cooked pasta – it couldn’t be easier.

However remember to keep your portions light, as eating big meals can increase the chances of indigestion. It’s often recommended to consume six small meals throughout the day as opposed to thee large ones (especially if you’re looking to lose weight).

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